All things Rain to Rivers

Building a River Center

Getting Started: 

The Rain to Rivers Resource Center occupies a large portion of the fourth floor of the historic Lathrop Building in downtown Fairbanks, including a conference room overlooking the Chena River. There is a reception area and adjacent office space. By bringing local organizations together in the River Center, we hope to connect our community to our watershed.

We Envision:

Inspired by the Campbell Creek Science Center located in Anchorage and the Kenai River Center located in Soldotna, we've envisioned a place to come for all things related from “Rain to Rivers”. It includes a lending library of resources, meeting rooms and shared work spaces for local businesses, non profits, agencies and groups to increase efficiency with share resources.

Collaborative Resources:

We currently have open office space connected to our reception, conference room and office areas. This area is allocated for our Partners to use as professional work space. When a Partner moves in, they can utilize the main reception area as well as the many other benefits.

These resources include;

  • a trailer,

  • a lending library,

  • conference or class room area,

  • common reception area, storage area,

  • and office equipment (printer, copier, internet, etc).

Some of the greatest achievements across all realms of business are a result of collaborations. Whether in the form of partnerships, great team chemistry, or simply mentor-mentored relationships, collaborations help creative people and organizations push ideas forward.  

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