Shared Resources


Lending Library

The lending library area facilitates partnerships among those pursing connecting with nature. It has an extensive range of items that can be checked out for those interested in the watershed – from rain to rivers, bugs to trees, fish to feathered animals and everything in between.

It currently has kits for students that range from kindergarten through high school. These kits are aimed to educate about water quality, wildlife and connecting to nature. The library also has a number of books about everything in the watershed.

The ultimate goal of the library is to connect our community to nature in order to boost creativity and promote health and wellness. 

Conference Room

This space was created for local groups to increase efficiency and share resources.

The conference/class room can be reserved for:

  • meeting

  • training

  • webinars

  • and classroom activities

The tables are able to be arranged in a variety of ways in order to meet a wide range of needs. There is a large white board and flat screen TV available for use in this area. We also have various media items including projectors, screens, and web-conference abilities.

With this space we hope to foster the development of collaboration through a variety of programs to nurture responsible watershed stewards and strengthen the community. The possibilities are limitless.

Shared Office Space


The Resource Center serves as a storefront for smaller community groups such as small businesses, groups or non-profits. These shared spaces are available to those that partner with the Resource Center.

Some of the greatest achievements across all realms of business are a result of collaborations. Whether in the form of partnerships or team chemistry, collaborations help creative people unite and organizations move forward. We are able to tailor the rate according to your office and collaborative needs.

For more information on our Partnership Tier costs and benefits - click HERE