Current Partners

The Green Infrastructure Group (GIG) works to RENEW a cleaner and healthier watershed by making green infrastructure a common practice for home and business owners. Through community support and involvement, the GIG promotes sustainable use of our natural environment for the benefit of present and future generations. They are composed of a diverse group of partners that share a common goal of a healthy watershed.

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Engaging Salcha & Chena Area Partners & Ecosystems unites scientists and experts committed to protect, restore and enhance the Chena & Salcha Rivers through partnerships that foster improved habitat and the quality of life for residents, both humans and “critters”. Protect and maintain intact healthy aquatic systems. Reverse declines in the quality and quantity of habitats to improve the overall health of fish, animals and aquatic organisms.

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Outdoor Discovery Zones or Watershed Discovery Zones are nature-themed classrooms, created to empower educators in outdoor classrooms activities and connect students with a natural learning environment. Using low-cost natural and recycled materials we help to create a safe, inspiring, wildlife-friendly zone for kids to connect to the natural world. The outdoor classroom evolves from the real needs of children, offering activities that are personally meaningful to them and fully embraces developmentally appropriate practices.

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TVWA’s services have included both research and restoration projects.  TVWA Board and staff have worked to provide information on the condition of the watershed by compiling existing information and filling knowledge gaps. They also worked to promote measures that will maintain and enhance the quality and beauty of the watershed by creating educational programs to:  promote greater appreciation, understanding and awareness; promote sustainable ecological practices, and advocate proactively on issues impacting the watershed.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

- Helen Keller